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About Me

The Story Of a Father & Ethical Hacker 

Hey there! I am Ray Newland, the founder of Sophiehoyle, and I welcome you to my blog. As you may have already realized from reading some of my posts, I am a cybersecurity expert with a deep passion for ethical hacking. In my 20+ year career, I’ve tested several software and apps by major corporations for security flaws. 

My Background & Family

I am a proud father of a daughter and a son, and together with my wife, we’re based in suburban New Jersey. After spending several years in the hustle-bustle of New York, we finally decided to move to a slightly more suburban lifestyle. Three years on, and we’re quite happy we took that decision. The kids love it here, I admit!  

How I Began Testing Parental Control Apps 

As a father, it is natural to worry about keeping your children safe, especially when they start using social media and messaging apps. The fear of online harassment and bullying is a very real one. As my children hit the teenage years, I began to worry as well. 

I thought to myself, how can I use my cybersecurity expertise to keep my kids safe

As a result, I began testing all the available parental control apps available on the market to find out which one was the most reliable, safe, and easy to use. After months of extensive research and testing, I was delighted with the results and could stay updated about my children’s safety, no matter where they were.

Why I Started This Blog

I was so excited that keeping this information to myself was not an option. With the encouragement of my wife, I decided to kickstart this blog. Here, I share everything I’ve learned from testing messaging and parental control apps to help you keep your loved ones safe.

Having received praise and positive feedback from many of my readers, I am delighted with how much my posts are helping you. I hope you continue to benefit from my advice and experience. 

Lots of love, and stay safe!