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Here is Why Your Kid Will Ask You for iPhone 12

iPhone 12

Finally, the world has got iPhone. From the presentation stage, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that it is the best and the most advanced handset they had ever created. iPhone’ release has been awaited impatiently by all generations, especially by youth, who always pursue progressive gadgets and innovations overall.

Mature iPhone fans generally wanted to explore productivity and efficiency of the new device. At the same time, the younger audience was looking forward specifically to checking new design solutions, camera and sound enhancements, smooth work and apps compatibility.

Also, one should remember about teens’ obsessive desire to get an iPhone once it is released. So now, since the new Apple iPhone is unveiled, parents should get ready for a deluge of kids’ requests concerning a new modern, sleek device from Apple.

The new iPhone 12 undertook numerous design tweaks and internal system accomplishments. The flagship handset starts at $800. and is available with different storage options that affect the price of iPhone 12. Alongside with iPhone 12, Apple also announced iPhone 12 Plus, which is said to sport slightly different and advanced technical and design solutions. So what are the iPhone 12’s the most alluring features that will make your kid eat your brains out to get them this expensive gadget?

Increased storage and battery life

The new iPhone also has new storage options and improved battery. Now, the handset is available with 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. We bet your teen will find this extra space life-saving: “There’s so much music I want to listen and so many shows I must watch, mom! There’s no way I can survive without them!” An (allegedly) increased battery life will also come in handy.

Slim design and new colors

iPhone 12

Although the iPhone 12 design did not change very much compared to iPhone 11, alterations are clearly visible. For starters, the device became slimmer as earphones jack is gone. The well-known antenna bands that lie across the back cover are shifted in place now. Also, a home button is not a physical knob anymore. It is a pressure-sensitive button. As for the aesthetic side, in addition to Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold, new color options are available – matte Black and glossy Jet Black.

Water and dust resistance

New iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro got IP612 certification and are finally hardened up to withstand harsh conditions. Don’t you doubt that your youngster will mention water resistance as a rock solid reason to purchase the latest Apple device. “Now if I drop the phone into a pool while partying with friends, you won’t have to worry about repairs or buying a new gadget, dad!

Lightning earphones and wireless AirPods

Indeed, all the rumors about headphone 3.5 jack elimination were true. Now Apple users can plug and listen to music directly through the charging slot. Of course, an adapter to 3.5 standard jack is bundled up with the new iPhone 12 kit. But how do you think, what option your teen would like more? That’s right, wireless. And who cares that losing one AirPod is a matter of couple weeks?

Advanced camera

iPhone 12 camera

The cranked up main camera on iPhone 12 is now 12-megapixel and boasts a new optical image stabilization. What is even more important, the front camera is enhanced to 12 megapixels – this is so much cooler for better selfies. Not a reason for you? But one hell of an argument for a teen!

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