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Mission Possible, or How to Familiarize Your Senior Parents with Modern Technology

Parents with Modern Technology

Today there are so many technological inventions and advancements. In fact, technology makes our lives easier. There are a lot of cool gadgets and apps everywhere; iPod, iPhone, GPS tracking devices, e-books, Xboxes are all those things we cannot imagine our existence without.

When we become older, we can’t deny the fact that we are left behind by the young generation when it comes to the technical things. For some of us, iPad apps for seniors or GPS tracker for seniors may sound like an oxymoron. However, as human beings, we can cope with all new information, follow the tendencies, and adjust to new inventions at any age.

That means that your senior parents can handle new devices, however, with little assistance. It’s just a matter of practice and devoting some time to becoming familiar with a particular app or software. Your responsibility is to explain them why using some devices and applications is essential for them.

How to Introduce an App to Your Senior Parent

You need to be patient while familiarizing your aging parents with new technology. Senior people have slower thinking and reaction, and sometimes you need to explain and show several times how something works. Be calm and understanding while introducing new applications to your senior parents.

There are many iOS and Android apps for seniors, and you need to give convincing arguments why this particular software will be useful for them. For instance, you can say that they will be able to talk with grandchildren via Skype; or that they can easily make shopping lists using a smartphone app; or that the app will remind them when to take medicine so they don’t need to worry about forgetting to do it. Just use your logic and imagination to think of solid reasons to prove your point.

Start with the simple apps, show some basic functions and when they get used to them, proceed to the more complex ones. You’ll be surprised how fast they will learn everything you show. You just need to interest them and they will do their best to use hi-tech gadgets.

Useful Apps for Senior Citizens

Best apps for senior parents

There are thousands of gadgets our aging parents can use in their everyday lives. They are invented with different purposes and will make the life much more comfortable. Here are some of them:

  • Pill Reminder – all you need to do is to enter the name of the medicine and the time to take it, and the Reminder will send your parent a message to take a pill.
  • Dragon Dictation – the app allows to dictate the text and then send it as an email.
  • Idealo– this amazing app lets you scan the barcode on a product and find the cheapest place to buy it.
  • Skype – this great app will allow your parents to talk with friends and all family.
  • Imutt – animals are good friends for older people, but not everyone can keep them at home. Imutt is a wonderful game that allows to choose a dog, feed it, walk and play together.

As you see, the mission is totally possible! You can easily familiarize your senior parents with modern technology. Moreover, it would be useful for you as you’d be able to track your parents to make sure they are alright. Don’t let them sit back and watch the world go by, help them handle new devices and useful software!

Do you think it is necessary to familiarize your parents with technologies? Share your thoughts with us!

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