How to Choose from 11 Essential Educational Cartoons for Kids

Educational Cartoons for Kids

As a mom, it’s always a struggle to decide whether or not to let little ones watch cartoons. On the one hand, all that screen time isn’t always ideal. But on the other hand, they’re ALL about entertainment and learning new things – so why not let them watch something that can do both?

After thinking it through (and believe me, there was a LOT of thinking involved!), I eventually decided that educational cartoons for kids were the way to go.

The great thing about these shows is that they’re both fun and informative. The characters and storylines can introduce topics like math, history, and science in an interesting way that even young minds can understand. Plus, they save me precious time – no more spending hours trying to explain complicated concepts!

I did some research, tried out a few different cartoons, and ended up with favorites. Keep reading for a review of the best cartoons for toddlers and up!

11 Educational Cartoons for Toddlers and Up!

From traditional 2D animation to interactive video games, various options are available when it comes to finding learning cartoons for preschoolers that provide our children with knowledge and fun. In this section, I’ll review my top picks for the best educational cartoons for kids!

World World

World World Cartoon

World World is one of the best cartoons for toddlers learning their ABCs and understanding the language basics. In each episode, viewers accompany a group of animals on exciting adventures as they explore the world of letters, sounds, and words with the help of their cheerful canine companion Dog.

Kids will be delighted by the colorful characters, amusing storylines, and catchy jingles that make up this teaching cartoon. They’ll also learn how to recognize and spell words in a fun and engaging way that fosters their curiosity about language.

The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus

Among the classic educational cartoons for babies, The Magic School Bus has captivated kids for generations! It follows the adventures of Ms. Frizzle and her class as they embark on exciting field trips aboard their magical school bus! Kids will love traveling with the gang as they learn about science, geography, and more in fun and creative ways.

From volcanoes to space travel, The Magic School Bus keeps kids engaged and curious while teaching them important facts about the world around them. With its lovable characters and unique approach to learning, The Magic School Bus and other classic learning cartoons for toddlers are perfect for any young learner.

Sid the Science Kid

If you’re looking for educational cartoons for toddlers that delight kids and encourage them to explore their natural curiosity about the world around them, consider Sid the Science Kid. With Sid as their guide, children can learn about scientific concepts such as rain, bubbles, and more in a fun and engaging way.

Through its colorful animation and witty dialogue, Sid helps kids understand complex topics in an easy-to-understand format. By discussing science in terms of everyday events, children can gain valuable knowledge while having a blast with Sid! Such cartoons for 2 year olds will capture children’s hearts and imaginations while giving them the tools they need to succeed in the future. 

Ready Jet Go!

Episodes of Ready Jet Go! are cartoons for kids series that follow the adventures of curious kids, Sean and Sydney, living on Earth. They are joined by Jet Propulsion, an alien from planet Bortron 7, who helps them explore the solar system and its planets.

The stories have been crafted to entertain and educate kids about scientific facts like those related to planets, stars, and galaxies in an easily understandable way. Not only this, but the characters also embark on extraordinary expeditions around the solar system, which keep children hooked to learning cartoons for toddlers and coming back for more.

The show has a family-friendly tone making it suitable for all age groups. Parents can trust that their kids will learn new things while being entertained at the same time. Even adults can appreciate the fun storylines and creative visual aspects of the show.



Cyberchase is an exciting educational cartoon that follows the adventures of three brave kids and a bumbling hacker as they battle an insidious villain to save their world. With such  plot and characters, the best cartoons for toddlers, like Cyberchase, provide kids with valuable insights into technology and coding while also helping them learn essential values such as friendship, problem-solving, and teamwork.

The episodes are masterfully scripted and feature exciting challenges that involve the use of programming principles and computer science concepts. The show’s upbeat soundtrack keeps viewers engaged and entertained while they learn how to code through various puzzles. Not only do the characters solve problems in each episode of educational cartoons for 4-year olds, but they also show viewers how to apply those solutions in real-life scenarios.

Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train is one of the most famous educational cartoons for toddlers. It introduces the fascinating world of dinosaurs in a fun and engaging way. Every episode follows Buddy, a young T-Rex, and his adoptive Pteranodon family as they explore different environments from the prehistoric age.

Kids will get to go on exciting adventures in underground caves and soar through the sky with their dinosaur pals! Along the way, your child will learn about various species of dinosaurs, geology, geography, life science, and more!

The series of educational cartoons for kidsteach essential math concepts such as counting objects, recognizing shapes and patterns, and understanding sizes. Each episode has fun songs that help kids remember facts about each creature or environment being explored. Additionally, Dinosaur Train does an excellent job of highlighting the importance of family and friendships.

The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About That!

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! is an educational show based on the beloved Dr. Seuss character that introduces preschoolers to various topics, from nature to outer space. The series of the best cartoons for 3 year olds follow the Cat in the Hat and his friends as they explore scientific concepts while having fun adventures.

Every episode begins with the Cat in the Hat traveling through a magical door into different wondrous places like jungles, oceans, and rainforests. Throughout each adventure, kids will learn about animals, plants, weather patterns, stars and planets, insects, rocks and minerals, and even robots! The Cat’s friends—Nick and Sally—are always there to help him investigate new topics while providing opportunities for problem-solving.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is one of the cutest educational cartoons for kids inspired by the beloved classic TV series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. It follows 4-year-old Daniel Tiger and his family navigating everyday life scenarios while learning valuable lessons about friendship, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence.

Each episode begins with a song about feelings or concepts like patience, sharing, being brave, or taking turns. Afterward, Daniel and his friends explore something new in their neighborhood—like visiting the library or meeting a fireman—while learning helpful tips to manage challenges like going to the dentist for the first time. The series of best cartoons for toddlers also provide opportunities for viewers to practice counting skills and learn about rhythm and music.

Ask the Storybots

Among modern educational cartoons for toddlers, Ask the Storybots is my favorite. It introduces preschoolers to various topics from math and science to history and music. Each episode follows Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang and Bo as they explore questions asked by kids with help from the Storybots – an inventive group of robots living beneath our screens.

Unlike other educational shows, Ask the Storybots provides insight into complex topics like cultural differences through creative stories. Additionally, each episode of educational cartoons for kidshas fun songs or raps that will keep your child engaged while learning! Kids will get to visit outer space, go inside instruments to learn about music theory, discover different continents around the world and much more!

Super Why

Super Why is one of the best cartoons for toddlers of all time! It introduces preschoolers to the basics of reading and writing through fun stories. Each episode follows the Super Readers—Alpha Pig, Princess Presto, Wonder Red, and Super Why—as they journey into interactive storybooks with catchy music and colorful animation.

The show encourages viewers to participate in the story by helping the characters solve problems through exciting activities like spelling, matching letters or finding objects. Every episode ends with a lesson about friendship or problem-solving that your child can easily relate to! 

Why Why Family

The Why Why Family

If you’re looking for the best educational cartoons for kids, parents highly recommend “The Why Why Family“! This Chinese-produced show features adorable and relatable characters, while teaching children about science, nature, and everyday life. Follow curious young boy Why Why and his family as they explore the world and seek answers to their questions — your kid will love it! 

The show’s engaging storytelling, catchy songs, and colorful animation keep toddlers entertained while they learn about the world around them. With over 1,000 episodes, “The Why Why Family” offers endless educational opportunities for young viewers. I highly recommend this show to any parents looking for an entertaining and educational program for their toddlers.


The right educational cartoons for toddlers can help your child learn and grow in a fun and interactive way. Whether it’s The Cat in the Hat, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Ask the Storybots, or Super Why, each show offers unique opportunities for learning with catchy music and creative stories. All of these shows provide an enjoyable way to introduce preschoolers to topics like emotions, science, and literacy while keeping them engaged! Pick one that your kid loves, and get ready for some learning fun!

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